Indian Fashions - Annual Recognition day at Indian Fashions

Annual Recognition Day, 2021


The annual recognition day in Indian Fashions is celebrated to appreciate the efforts and execution of the work plans taken against the targets of each performer. We work very hard to achieve the customer satisfaction, our Google Review of 4.8 out of 5 explains that all. We are work dedicatly to save the art of jewellery too.

To recognize every individual who are giving their hard-work we decide a day in a year and this was 17th April 2021 at our Asansol Office with all our team. 


We were lucky to hear some wonderful speeches from our special guest, our CEO and from our other precious guests.

Our experts were certificated and rewarded for their achievements, like-fastest point making, achieving monthly targets and etc.

We have arranged a cultural event and games to add more charm to the event and everyone’s participation made the event successful.
In cultural event- Dances, Songs and Drama, In games roll the bottle, guess the person through the line and many.

Certification and award giving ceremony :

This is to appreciate every individual department- from taking order to dispatch, how every step is taken under care following every detail by every individual assigned, to deliver our each precious customer their orders without any hazard, to maintain your websites without any interruption or any technical hazards.