Indian Fashions - Indian Fashions with some very Special People

Special Day For Very Special People

This very special day took place in February, 2020 in a village named Vivekananda Leprosy Colony, located in West Bengal.

Purpose of the program was to help those people who are in need.
The fund is raised from the payment, done by the customer, against placed orders. We are taking some percentage of the payment for helping them who are in real need.

This colony is made by the government, i.e. government has built some houses for them to live their life.
The users are not very familiar with the fast racing urban life, they are way back from the facilitated society, living their life in poverty.
Here we are to support them by your contribution through every purchase of yours.

Its our Customers - For whom It is possible

As you know Indian Fashions is manufacturing handcrafted jewelry & we are working with very special craftsmen by selecting them from remote villages from our entire state. while going into those villages we always see the poverty and need of basic amenities not reached to those villagers. 

So it was always it our mind that we need to do something for them and we started saving some percentage from our profit and choose a day to this holy work. Not only that, we wanted to spend a whole day to make that day very special for them too. May be food or supplies come from other sources too, but there are rear occasion of happiness for them which we aimed too. 

We like to thank all our customers, as its all because of our Customers, its from their each purchase or each money they have invested to purchase for their businesses, unknowingly they are the very part of this social service and we are hoping that in every 6 month or quarterly we can do such work for this special people.

The Activities :

We have spent the whole day with our team and arranged some activities.
We have distributed more than 400 cloths among those people.
Fresh and hot meal was served to them. Keeping in mind the matter to providing them some nutritious food we have managed to arrange one nutritious items containing various pulses, rice, various vegetables etc.
We have arranged some games for them like musical chair, dance and awareness program.

Over all it was concluded like a great event when we saw the very happy and satisfactory faces among the villagers.