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Jewellery making process

Jewellery Designing and Manufacturing is a serious creative business. Unless you are in the continuous obsession with creativity and unless you are efficient in reading international fashion trends (country-wise)  in advance, success remains limited.

There are almost 32 steps involved in the making of our Jewellery process. We have tried to give you a glimpse of the manufacturing process below.

Step 1: Drawing the design by the artist.
Step 2: Approving designs after necessary changes by the management.
Step 3: Converting the Manual Drawing to CAD in Computer by Jewellery Designer Professionals.
Step 4: Converting the CAD file to a Digital printout called CAM
Step 5: Converting the CAM piece to a Master dye.
Step 6: Making a Wax piece prototype.
Step 7: Stone Setting on the Wax pc also called ‘Wax Setting’.
Step 8: Creating a tree of the wax pieces.

Step 9: Creating Flasks for Baking in Furnace.
Step 10: Drying the Flasks.
Step 11: Baking the flasks in Furnace for 8 to 10 hours @ different temperatures up to 728C
Step 12: Casting metal.
Step 13: Breaking the flasks to take out the metal tree.
Step 14: Water Jet Cleaning 
Step 15: Cutting the metal pieces from the metal tree.
Step 16: Cleaning in a Magnetic Washer for about an hour. 
Step 17: Filing the edges and borders by Jewelry Filing Experts.
Step 18: Soldering pcs to form a jewellery set.
Step 19: Polishing the set.
Step 20: Manually hand setting the stones that came off during any of the previous processes.

Step 21: Re-cleaning the jewellery in Magnetic Washers to remove all dirt before electroplating.
Step 22: Copper electroplating so that the base becomes smooth.
Step 23: Laquer coating for areas where different colour plating to be done.
Step 24: Gold Electroplating.
Step 25: Removing Laquer and replating Rhodium for silver colour.
Step 26: Quality Checking by the Production Team.
Step 27: Barcoding and Inventory management.

Step 28: Photography and Uploading on the website.

Step 29: You do the jewellery. 

Step 30: Quality Checking and Packaging.

Step 31: Dispatch thru Shipping Agent.

Step 32: Receiving appreciation from Happy Customers !!